‘We have got cooperation from government officials irrespective of the party in power’

To be honest, our work has nothing to do with any political party. Ordinary Muslims are ill–informed about the opportunities that exist for government jobs. Our emphasis is in creating this awareness in the community, seeking the help of government officials and trying to remove any bottlenecks that might exist.

Take the example of jobs for Muslims in the police force. Muslims need to know that the first step in getting a police constable’s job is to get your name registered with the employment exchange. If your name is not registered with the employment exchange, how will you get jobs?

We placed ads in Urdu papers, told them to go. They went, they got jobs, there was no hitch at all. In this connection, I must say that three successive police commissioners of Mumbai, under different governments, have been equally positive and supportive.

Similarly, in the matter of jobs in the army, I had a very positive, encouraging response from a colonel. He was very clear that people of all communities are equally welcome in the Indian army. We did not face any special problem at the level of government servants while the Shiv Sena–BJP government was in power in Maharashtra or because the BJP was or is leading the government in New Delhi.

Archived from Communalism Combat, September 2000 Year 8  No. 62, Cover Story 7



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