We stand with Faisal Khan and his work for love and harmony: ANHAD


ANHAD ( Act Now for Harmony and Democracy ) has issued a strong statement in defence of Faisal Khan and protesting hos arrest.

The text of the statement may be read here : 

“We strongly condemn the UP police and demand Faisal Khan’s immediate release. It is very clear that growingly all those who talk of peace, love, harmony and are trying to bring communities together are being targeted. Those in power both in Uttar Pradesh and the Centre only want to spread hatred.*

Faisal Khan, National convenor of Khudai Khidmatgar is a well known Gandhian peace activist, who has been working for bringing various religious communities together and promoting harmony and love. He was on a five-day pilgrimage (Yatra) from 24-29 October 2020, to participate in Chaurasi Kosi Yatra. He visited various temples and had conversations with priests about philosophy, literature, our shared heritage and spreading peace and love through religion. He said the main purpose of every religion is to bring people together. 

One such conversation can be heard here :  https://www.facebook.com/469281336977664/posts/802857553620039/

He was arrested yesterday on 2nd November  by UP Police under section 153A, 295 and 505 and is now in a jail in Mathura because he did his namaz in one of the temples, he was allowed to do that by the temple staff.

Instead of appreciating the coming together of people of diverse faiths like the case in Kerala where a Hindu marriage took place in a mosque, he has been targeted for disharmony.




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