A week down, Murder of Bandhu Prakash Pal reveals no links to RSS: Murshirdabad

Forty year old Bandhu Prakash Pal who was murdered last week with his pregnant wife, Beauty and eight-year old son, Angan fell prey to a nasty monetary dispute, police has revealed. Besides, he had no links to the RSS, despite claims by Union Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad and BJP leader, Sambhit Patra. Clearly these claims were to give a political slant to the murder.


Murshidabad SP Mukesh Kumar told the media, “The accused has been identified as Utpal Behera and he has confessed to killing Pal, his wife and child.”Behera is a resident of Sahapur village in Sagardighi. He lives in the same village where Pal grew up and stayed before moving to Jiaganj. It is also not insignificant that Murshidabad is a Muslim dominated district.
The SP further said, “The victim was a teacher by profession but he was also active in selling insurance policies. Behera stated that he took one policy of PNB Met life from the deceased and paid Rs 24,000 as instalment, but he was not given any receipt. So he was annoyed with the deceased.”
“The accused called the victim and was abused by him. So he was very angry and decided to take revenge. On October 5, the accused went to Jiaganj to purchase a sharp weapon. On October 7, he again went there again and inspected the area. And on October 8, he attacked the family and killed them,” the SP said.
“We are sending the accused to 14 days police custody,” he added. Pal was a school teacher who worked in Gosaigram Sahapara Primary school. Pal, his wife pregnant wife and son were all brutally murdered. The incident came to light after the neighbours found the bodies inside their house and informed the police.
Further, as per the police, Behara had invested in an insurance company co-owned by Pal. He alleged that Pal failed to return his money, a sum of Rs 24,000, and also verbally abused him. Hence, to seek revenge, he wiped out his entire family. Making quick political capital, BJP leaders had gone to town on social media last week. Patra had said, “Gruesome video This has shaken my conscience …a RSS worker Sh Bandhu Prakash Pal, his eight months pregnant wife & his kid were brutally slaughtered in West Bengal’s Murshidabad Not a word by the liberals Not a letter by 59 liberals to Mamata Nauseating Selectivism!.”India Today  took a conscious decision not to share sensitive images of the incident.
Reacting to the incident, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar said, “I am in deep pain. My heart is bleeding. What was in Murshidabad, a brutal murder took place, putting humanity to shame. A teacher, his pregnant wife and eight-year-old child were killed in a barbaric manner and there has been no response from the state machinery so far. This is a very, very serious reflection of the situation we are living in. I would urge the authority for a quick and real investigation.”



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