West Bengal: Muslim mason allegedly lynched by Hindutva mob

Sekh Poltu was allegedly choked by stuffing sand into his mouth

Image Courtesy: gaurilankeshnews.com

A closer look at the photo of a young man lying dead reveals horrific details of what his last moments would have been like. There is sand on his shirt, as if it spilled out from his mouth as he struggled to take a breath.

According to social media handles, the man is a victim of a communal hate attack. He was identified as Sekh Poltu, 32, a Muslim mason, from Midnapur, West Bengal. He was reportedly attacked on March 16, allegedly by a Hindutva mob, that then stuffed sand down his throat and beat him up ruthlessly. The victim succumbed.

Freelance journalist SA Rahman shared on Twitter that an Indian Army soldier on leave, allegedly led the lynch mob that attacked Poltu. It has not been confirmed by authorities if the soldier has been arrested yet.


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