West Bengal: Muslim woman’s posthumous organ donation brings hope to numerous lives

The 58-year-old organ donor left an enduring impact on multiple families by becoming the region's pioneer in posthumous organ donation, transforming lives in the process

Jahanara Bibi was heading home to Kandi in Murshidabad on her son’s bike when they faced a tragic and fatal turn of events as she fell off the bike. While Jahanara was swiftly transported to Murshidabad Medical College Hospital a CT scan conducted at the hospital revealed that she had suffered a cerebral stroke making her brain dead. 

Jahanara Bibi

However, according to The Observer Post, the 58-year-old Jahanara Bibi made a lasting impact on the lives of several families after she became the first person in the region to donate organs after passing away. The decision has provided a new lease on life for four individuals at Kolkata’s SSKM Hospital. The medical team at SSKM further thanked Jahanara Bibi’s family for the generous donation. 

According to the report, Jahanara Bibi and her son were returning home on a bike a few days ago when she suffered a cerebral stroke and collapsed on the road. She was swiftly taken to Murshidabad Medical College Hospital and then she was later referred to SSKM Hospital in Kolkata for advanced care. But despite undergoing extensive treatment at the trauma care centre, she was declared brain-dead on December 7. Mehbub Alam, Jahanara Bibi’s son, recounted the horrific incident explaining how his mother fell while riding the bike, leading to a cerebral stroke and yet despite the tireless efforts of doctors and the family, she could not be saved. 

Jahanara Kabir was also incidentally the sister of Humayun Kabir who is the MLA of Bharatpur Assembly in Murshidabad from the All India Trinamool Congress. Kabir stood by his sister’s side during her treatment till the very end. When the medical team suggested posthumous organ donation, realising further treatment was futile, the family had initially shown hesitation, but after persuasion, including from Jahanara’s brother, Kabir, they consented to the donation. 

Reflecting on the decision, Humayun Kabir stated, “Religion encourages donation, and I believe there’s no greater donation than posthumous organ donation. Convincing my sister’s family for organ donation was essential. Her organs have brought new life to four people.”

However, according to the report, the hospital tried its best to find a suitable recipient for Jahanara’s heart, but could not find a suitable recipient. Following this, Jahanara’s heart was sent to Hyderabad, where a 72-year-old woman underwent a successful heart transplant at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences. Furthermore, Jahanara’s liver too found a new life in the body of a 25-year-old woman at SSKM, and furthermore, her kidneys brought renewed hope to two young people, aged 21 and 35. Updates from the recipients of the organs reveals that the organs have been transferred successfully and the patients are responding with positive results. 


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