What Karnataka thinks today, will India think tomorrow?

Mathematician Parthanil Roy reflects on the recent Karnataka state assembly results
Image: PTI

Many friends have been asking me just why I was so excited on Saturday.

The reasons cannot be listed fully but here are some:

1. Karnataka has a rich history of culture, intellect and education. The results of this election have proved this one more time. Karnataka cannot be called Dakshin Pradesh, period.

2. Even if we cannot, or have not eliminated communal forces in their entirety, this tremendous triumph of unity in diversity gives us hope that the propagandist representation of the divisive gang can now be significantly reduced within the Union. This too should be considered a prominent political success given the current scenario.

3. Article 51 A (h) of Indian Constitution states: (It shall be the duty of every citizen of India) to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.

4. The “entire political science” of South India has now become more modern, progressive, inclusive and pluralistic. This change was absolutely necessary, a non-negotiable, for democracy, sovereignty and secularism within Karnataka as also in all of India.

5. Phase transition (borrowing a terminology from my physicist friends) takes time. It can be sharp but it needs various important steps, at times sacrifices.

6. This landslide victory is a huge morale booster for each and every person fighting against fascism in our country.

7. I went to the Orion Mall (Bangalore) on Saturday. Saw many people of various faiths coming out and enjoying with family, friends, etc. Being a privileged person with a Hindu name, I cannot even imagine what kind of stress they have been going through. It was surrealistic to see them in a relaxed mood, laughing mingling, simply enjoying themselves freely.

8. Fake hate-propaganda messages were sent regularly within our apartment complex WhatsApp group. Very few people used to protest. Yesterday, I saw a bunch of new people protesting against them. They were scared to silence earlier?

9. History has taught us nobody, absolutely nobody, is invincible. Isn’t it sweet to validate it through the present?

10. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift”. Let’s learn from yesterday, relish today and prepare for tomorrow.

Parthanil Roy is a professor at the Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Centre. This article is based on the authors’ personal experience and opinion. 



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