Where Is Sant Gopal Das? It Is Government’s Responsibility To Trace Him

We are shocked that fasting for the cause of conservation and preservation of Ganga-Himalayan basin since 24th of June, 2018, Sant Gopal Das ji has disappeared from AIIMS, hospital, New Delhi under mysterious circumstances and is missing since 4th of December.

The government never tried to have a conversation with the saint in the last 171 days of his fasting and instead insensibly kept transporting him from one hospital to another and kept pressurizing him for giving up his fast rather than understanding his demands and addressing them responsibly. The same was happened with Swami Sanand (Dr. G.D.Agrawal) who had to sacrifice his life after 112 days of fasting .

On 4th of December Sant Gopaldas was forcibly taken from AIIMS New Delhi. We the concerned citizens are appalled and shocked by the absolute lack of empathy displayed by the central and the state government of Uttarakhand as no efforts has been made to search for the Saint. In a country that owes its independence to non-violence fasts, such animosity displayed by the government towards a person who is sitting on fast for a noble cause, a seer, is highly deplorable and unacceptable.

We have resolved to stand in unison, in support of the cause of Sant Gopal Das ji and urge and demand the government to initiate investigation into this issue of his disappearance with utmost diligence and promptness. As Sant Gopal Das was brought in police custody to AIIMS, New Delhi by Uttarakhand police we hold the Governments of Uttarakhand and India directly responsible for his disappearance. We also demand that Government should enter into dialogue with fasting Saints. Right now Brahmachari Atmabodhanand is also sitting on fast at Matre Sadan, Haridwar.

Medha Patkar
Swami Agnivesh
Rajendra Singh
Ravi Chopra
Dunu Roy
Bharat Jhunjhunwala
S.K. Gupta
Paritosh Tyagi
Ashish Kothari
V.N. Sharma
Faisal Khan
Syed Tahseen Ahmed
Naresh Kumar Sharma
Sarita Kumari
Pranav Kumar Vasishta
Mallika Bhanot
Hemant Dhyani
Prakarsh Srivastava
Bobby Ramakant
Sandeep Pandey
Sanjay Singh, M.P., Rajya Sabha
Praveen Singh



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