Who is making millions in India out of beef export? Muslims? Think Again

English translation of the video script

In recent days many slaughter houses in UP have been sealed. It is claimed that such action has been taken only against illegal slaughter houses. The fact however is that people belonging to a particular religion have been targeted.

Whenever there is any talk of slaughter of animals it is commonly assumed that only Muslims who love meat are engaged in this business. However, you will be surprised to know that the biggest modern slaughter houses in India which export beef have little to do with the followers of Islam. In fact, the big players are from the Hindu community.

Allow me to introduce you to the Hindu owners of some of the largest slaughter houses in India.

Al Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd.: Do not get misled by the name. This is the largest beef exporting company in the country. The largest slaughter house in India is spread over nearly 400 acres in Rudrak village in Telangana state. Do you know who owns this slaughter house? The name is Satish Saberwal. This slaughter house is run by Al Kabeer Exporters Pvt. Ltd. With its offices in many countries, last year Al Kabeer did business worth nearly Rs 650 crore.   

Arabian Exports Pvt. Ltd.: Its owner Sunil Kapoor has his office located in Mumbai.

MKR Frozen Food Exports Pvt Ltd: The owner of this Delhi-based company is Madan Abbott.

Al Noor Exports Pvt Ltd: The company is owned by Sunil Sood. He too is not a Muslim. Isn’t it strange? While others are raking in big-bucks, its Muslims who are being demonized. Isn’t it stranger still that this company is located in UP where Yogi Aidyanath is the chief minister? Al Noor’s slaughter house is located in Sher Nagar village in Muzaffarnagar district of UP. This company exports beef to 35 companies.

AOB Exports Pvt. Ltd.: The slaughter house of this company is in Unnao district in UP. This company is owned by OP Arora.

Standard Frozen Foods Exports Pvt. Ltd.: The owner of this company is Kamal Verma and the slaughter house is in Chandpur village in UP’s Unnao district.

Maharashtra Food Processing and Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.: Sunny Khattar a partner in this company believes that dharm aur dhanda (religion and business) are two separate things and it is wrong to mix the two. The slaughter house of this company is in Paltan taluka, Satara district, Maharashtra.

Apart from the above mentioned, our Hindu brothers own many such companies which are engaged in the exclusive export of beef.

Now let’s take a look at where India stands in the international market in the beef business. The total beef export in the world is estimated at 94.49 lakh metric tons. Brazil exports 18.55 lakh while India too exports 18.50 lakh metric tons. Australia exports 1.36 lakh tons, while America exports 11.2 lakh tons. In other words, India is the top beef exporter in the world.

The question then is, are those who lynched Mohammed Akhlaq unaware that it is their own co-religionists who are the main beef exporters?

Finally, I will only say this: such double standard on the part of the government and some people will destroy forever the communal amity in this country.

Jai Hind!

(Editors’ note: In the international market both cow and buffalo meat is termed beef).

(This video has been received by SabrangIndia through Whatsapp from one of our viewers.)



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