Why did PM Modi Conceal the Truth? : Saket Gokhale

After 2 months of tedious digging, I’ve finally filed my PIL against PM Narendra Modi in the Supreme Court today.


It pertains to glaring omissions in his affidavits where a parcel of land worth over a crore suddenly went missing in his declarations post-2012.

Here’s a brief outline of the facts:

– In 2002, then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi was allotted Plot 411, Sector 1, Gandhinagar for a throwaway price of Rs. 1.3 lakhs. The size of the plot was 330 sq. m.
– In 2007, he declared this plot in his affidavit
– Suddenly he dropped any mention of this plot from 2012 onwards. Instead, he claims he now owns 1/4th share of Plot 401/A, Sector 1, Gandhinagar.
– Incidentally, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley ALSO owns a 1/4th share in the SAME plot 401/A
– Curiously, plot 401/A doesn’t exist in the land records. In land records, Plot 411 is still shown as being owned by PM Modi entirely.
– In a very curious circumstance, ground visits show that about 8 adjoining plots and a government ground have been enclosed into a SINGLE compound of plot 411 by building a boundary wall.

My prayer to the Honorable Supreme Court is to order an SIT investigating this murky appearance and disappearance of assets and whether this is an organized land scam.
The cumulative value of these allegedly usurped plots together comes to over 15 crores.

The Honorable Supreme Court in the judgment of Lok Prahari versus Union of India has stated that “hiding monetary assets” can well be considered to be grounds for disqualification of a candidate.

Why did PM Modi hide his ownership of Plot 411 for 7 years? Where are the land records for Plot 401/A and who owns it along with Modi and Jaitley?

Why is there such a glaring discrepancy in the declared assets of PM Modi and the situation on the ground?



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