Why the fuss over Ramadan and elections?

Are you serious, What has Ramadan fasting got to do with Voting?

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Appreciate this fact and do clearly understand that Ramadan is one of the holy month as per Islamic calender, and observing  Roza ( fasting) during this  month is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is believed that the holy Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)  in this  holy month.

It`s time to let’s educate the lesser learnt  with simple non-legal language and not so religious references ( to make a common man understand) , that observing fast or Roza is epistemologically meant to cleanse  the soul from the worldly  attachments and learn to  sacrifice while incorporating to live humbly . The act of breaking the fast  also includesinviting  the poorto break the fast together if possible ( if done so , is counted as high noble deeds)  while   feeding  the fast observer and the poor, doing charity (silently)  etc. being the core nucleus of this month.  Not to forget that  giving food and charity also continues other than the month of Ramadan.

To clearly understand,“ It’s like any other  normal day with a normal routine , however the sacrificing  burden to be hungry is the extra mile that transforms the person  to understand how the poor/underprivileged  go hungry with meagre resources to survive  yet remain thankful to God.” Now how does Ramadan impact the act of casting  vote ? , when an individual who observes  fast is also ordered to maintain this normal routine in life but with sacrifice of food,thirst , fasting of soul to abstain  from greed,  selfishness or not hurt or harm any being  etc being the core focus, That’s why the punya or Sawab (blessing) of fasting is highly rewarding.

Now , dragging Politics into the fasting mode is just so nonsensical. All it takes to cast the vote is 5 minutes and so far as the minority population participating in the campaigning and grass root booth strengthening should not affect the act of Fast, for the perspective of fasting is work hard and to lead a normal life yet maintain closeness to God in this month. It`s all about multi -tasking, so what`s the unnecessary hue and cry about ?

Well , holy months always cleanse evil deeds.

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