Why hasn’t Laxman uttered a single word about Christians, the current target of the sangh parivar?’

Even if we assume that Bangaru Laxman is sincere, before Muslims can take him seriously, he should publicly declare that the BJP has nothing to do with the RSS. We know that the BJP is the brainchild of the RSS. The RSS top brass always decides who assumes leadership of the BJP. The RSS wants to treat India’s Muslims in Hitler’s fashion. How, then can we believe the political wing of the same RSS, when it talks of Muslims being ‘blood of our blood’ etc.?

If Laxman tells us that the BJP president determines the policies of the party, he must explain how when Vajpayee was the BJP president and talked of ‘Gandhian socialism’, other leaders of the BJP were openly hobnobbing with Gandhiji’s assassin, Nathuram Godse and the RSS mouthpieces, Panchjanya and Organiser, were singing a different tune.

If Laxman really has a different attitude to India’s minorities, why has he not uttered a single word about Christians who are the main target of the sangh parivar today? As a part of India’s minorities, I would say that if Laxman really wants to take Muslims into confidence, he should first of all win the confidence Christians. To do that convincingly, he will have to openly condemn the Bajrang Dal and the VHP for targeting Christians.

Besides, a BJP MP from Orissa is openly raising money for Dara Singh’s defence. The concerned MP should be immediately expelled from the BJP. And finally, on the Babri Masjid issue, is Laxman prepared to make an unequivocal statement that he will ensure that the BJP respects the court’s verdict.

We do not expect any satisfactory answer from the president of the political wing of the RSS. Therefore, the only conclusion is that Laxman is making these statements merely to hoodwink some Muslims. Basically, all that the BJP is interested in is some ‘bonus’ Muslim votes for its own political benefit.

In my view, just as hostility towards India is the very basis of Pakistan’s existence, the BJP is founded on anti–minority sentiments. How can either be expected to undermine the very foundation of their edifices?

Archived from Communalism Combat, September 2000 Year 8  No. 62, Cover Story 7



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