Why should India’s migrant labour pay for their return home


The  MHA circular which details the conditions of the third phase of lockdown has permitted the movement of trains to take migrants back to their homes. However, it is both shocking and condemnable  that once again apart from giving instructions to state governments, the central government under Modi is refusing to take any financial  responsibility.

Migrant workers boarding trains from various places to return home are being forced to pay for their own tickets and also for food.  Those who have been asked to board buses are being forced to pay exorbitant rates for travel.

The CPI(M) in a statement issued today has condemned this attitude of the Modi regime.
It is sheer cruelty to expect workers who have absolutely no earnings for the last two months because of the lockdown to pay for their own train tickets. Nor are state governments in a position bear this financial expenditure when they have not received any help whatsoever from the Centre.

Migrants have been stranded for no fault of theirs, in fact because of the hastily called lockdown on the night of March 23. Announced at 8 p.m. that day, within four hours, midnight the country was brought to a standstill. The polit bureau of the party has demanded that the central government should bear the expenses of the entire travel expenses of  the workers who want to go back to their homes. All arrangements for  their safe travel within the state must be made by the state government concerned.



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