Why Simultaneous Elections would Kill Democracy: Ten Succinct Arguments

1) Democracy is celebrated through periodic elections and every election brings more maturity among the voters.

Indian Elections
Image: PTI

2) More elections means more a mature set of voters,  difficult to be emotionally fooled or influenced.

3) Because, at every election we see many amateurs youngsters, just turned of 18 years entering the election process & cast their vote first time, it is most likely that they have made their choice of vote on the basis of high voltage & may be on false & misleading propaganda & therefore simultaneous election would therefore mean that such amateurs would be double misled & fooled at once leaving no opportunity for them to take revenge against those who fooled for 5 years.

4) Many elections means many opportunities of electoral education of voters as well.

5) Also, we are in a shared federalism. It’s better that people are allowed to participate more than once in elections so that they can make choice of state governments based on the performance of union government & vice versa.

6) Expenses on state exchequer is a malicious propaganda to prevent the enrolling of democracy in the society.

7) Also, we have a responsible government. The concept “responsible government” means the continuous dependence of political governments for people’s mandate. People cannot be made dependent & vulnerable for 5 years until the next elections are held.

8 ) Because, all the national political parties & the respective state parties of the state participate in National as well as State elections, if the elections are held at once for both  Parliament & Assemblies, the political parties, their leaders & elected representatives would become absolutely arrogant, unresponsive & hostile to the common public.

9) It will also ensure wide spread & massive corruption by the political parties, its leaders & by government agents.

10) Eventually, people will loose faith in Democracy



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