Will keep loudspeaker volume low: Mumbai Mosques

Masjid heads say they will continue to follow noise regulations to prevent any chance of communal disruption

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Eid-ul-Fitar came and went on May 3, 2022 without incident in any part of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Chief Raj Thackeray’s threats against loudspeakers in mosques were forgotten, especially at the M. S. S. Musafirkhana masjid at Bombay No. 1.

“People forgot about Thackeray and his threats of playing Hanuman Chalisa outside mosques. There were around 20-25 police officers in our area, which was reminiscent of the ’92 environment but the people had a sense of unity among them,” said Mumbai Aman Committee President Farid Shaikh.

Grateful for the secular efforts across Mumbai, he said mosques continue with their resolve to adhere to Supreme Court guidelines on the use of loudspeakers. The equipment is not used between 10 PM and 6PM, and the mosque follows the Pollution Control Board’s rules on noise pollution during the day.

Although Shaikh is amused by the fact that the honking of cards on the road are louder than the masjid’s prayers, he assures that the community intends to continue with the volume control.

Earlier meetings with the Commissioner of Police (CP) also helped to maintain peace. Many mosques approached local police stations for permission to use the loudspeaker.

“This permission needs to be renewed every month. However, we need a more permanent solution. Two masjids in Bandra got in trouble with the police because they didn’t follow the decibel volume. But we talked to them and explained the need to follow due procedure,” said Shaikh.

Like the mosques, the stricter regulations also bothered local temples whose kirtans are being regularly stopped for violating noise pollution rules. The CP arranged for a meeting on April 10 with local leaders to resolve this issue.

The two weeks preceding Eid were filled with events across Mumbai of inter-faith iftars where people from various sections of life came together to celebrate their secular community. Before this, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) also gave out a call for mohalla/ekta committees in face of growing communal violence. The call was resoundingly answered by various rights groups and civil society organisations, intent on protecting the constitutional values of India.


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