Winning trust vote is a message to forces trying to destabilise elected govt’s: Ashok Gehlot

The crisis is over for now, former deputy CM, Sachin Pilot, the man who led the rebellion a month ago, has said the goal was to work in the interest of the state


The Ashok Gehlot-led Rajasthan government won the trust vote in the Assembly on Friday. The win, via voice vote, has now stabilised the government and given the veteran Congressman time to ‘listen to and solve the grievances’ of his colleagues who rebelled. 

He, of course, is jubilant as it is a shot in the arm that was much needed after dealing with a massive political crisis that had besieged the state government for over a month. Gehlot said this trust vote win was a “message to the forces that are trying to destabilise elected governments in the country”. He said “all the tactics” of those he alleged were engaged in breaking the ranks of the Congress have “failed in Rajasthan.” 

“I consider it a victory of the people of the state, a victory of the policies of the Congress, of programs, of principles, that our MLAs should remain united, it is a victory of their unity.” 


His former deputy CM, Sachin Pilot, the man who led the rebellion a month ago, said the goal was to work “with promptness in the interest of the people and the state. Our goal is to uplift the state by fulfilling all the promises made to the public.” 


And the Indian National Congress leadership too is elated that their efforts at forging a truce worked. “Rajasthan is a land of glory, bravery and honour. BJP’s dirty tricks to topple democracy won’t work here.”


According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the vote was held a day after Sachin Pilot attended the Congress Legislature Party meeting at CM Gehlot’s house. “The vote of confidence which was brought by the government has been passed with a very good majority today in the Rajasthan assembly. Despite various attempts by the opposition, the result is in favour of the government,” Sachin Pilot told the media afterwards, putting further speculations to rest, for now.

He added that he had full faith in the Congress high command making a  timely announcement and enactment of the roadmap that has “been prepared for all the issues that were being raised.”

Parliamentary Affairs minister Shanti Dhariwal moved a motion of confidence in the Assembly. The HT reports that Dhariwal blamed the Centre for trying to “topple” the governments in Madhya Pradesh, Manipur and Goa, using money and power, but said a similar attempt in Rajasthan would not succeed. Referring to Akbar, he said the Mughal emperor had to taste defeat in Mewar of Rajasthan during his quest to expand his empire. Similarly, BJP’s attempts to topple the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government were defeated,” stated HT.

However as reported by The Print, even though the Congress-led Rajasthan government won the floor test in the state assembly, the stress between the two leaders continues. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and rebel leader Sachin Pilot reportedly “took veiled potshots at each other.” 

It was reported that Pilot took an indirect jibe at the chief minister over the change in his seat in the Assembly. “When I entered the assembly today, I wondered why I was sitting right at the corner next to the opposition benches. I realised when I used to sit there (in front), I was safe and was part of the government,” he said. “I wondered why my seat was changed. Why am I sitting next to the opposition? It is because it’s the border, and only the bravest and most powerful soldier is sent to the border.”

According to The Print, Pilot, however, has said that the party was united now and that “all 107 MLAs were together”, he added that the “Delhi doctor” has treated the ailment. The Indian Express reported that the House has been adjourned till August 21, said Assembly Speaker CP Joshi. In a House of 200, the Congress party has 107 MLAs,  and also has the support of Independents and allies. The BJP has 72 members.


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