Women are the majority beneficiaries of World Bank-funded minority scholarships

The scheme emanating from this scholarship, benefits the youth who are school dropouts or those educated in institutions like Madrasas

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On February 2, 2023, during the ongoing special Budget Session of the Parliament, Lok Sabha member Shrimati Mimi Chakraborty (AITC) raised the question concerning the World Bank funded six-year project, which had been launched to improve the education and skills of young people of minority communities. She had asked for the details of projects and assistance provided to the States therein.

The Union Minister of the Ministry of Minorities Affairs, Smriti Zubin Irani, responded to the said question by informing the Lok Sabha that the Ministry had launched a Central Sector Scheme (CSS) namely Nai Manzil on 8th August 2015 with 50% of funding from the World Bank to benefit the minority youth who do not have formal school leaving certificate, i.e., those in the category of school–dropouts or educated in community education institutions like Madrasas. The scheme provided a combination of formal education (Class VIII or X) and skills and enabled the beneficiaries seek better employment and livelihoods.

She had further provided that under the said scheme, grants were not released to State Governments but to the Project Implementing Agencies (PIAS) empanelled for implementation of the scheme.

Detailing the beneficiaries of schemes, Irani submitted that under the scheme, 98,712 beneficiaries have been trained with more than 50% women beneficiaries.

The answer may be read here:

According to India CSR Network, the above-mentioned Scheme is carried out by selected Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) which are appointed through an open and transparent procedure that invites Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from firms. Under the system, 30% of the beneficiary seats are reserved for female candidates, and 5% are reserved for disabled people from minority communities.

India CSR Network also provided a state-wise data depicting the placement and post placement support that has been given under Nai Manzil scheme since inception of the scheme till date, which is as follows:

Source: India CSR Network



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