‘The world’s shortest horror story – Mitron’: Twitter predicts Modi’s New Year’s eve address

Twitter tries to absorb the news of yet another address to the nation.

Modi - IANS
Image: IANS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked honest citizens for 50 days of patience and had promised that the hardships faced by them because of the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes announced by him in his November 8 televised address to the nation.

The deadline for depositing old notes in bank accounts ends on December 30. On the following day, a day after his deadline of 50 days, Modi is likely to make another televised address – scheduled at 7.30 pm on December 31, according to several media reports.

Modi is likely to announce other anti-corruption steps his government is likely to take in 2017, according to officials close to the prime minister’s office. A crackdown on benami, or properties registered in fake names, is expected to be announced.

On Tuesday, Modi met with economists and experts at a meeting in Niti Aayog to discuss the current economic situation.

The news of the possible new year’s eve address evoked instant reactions on Twitter.

Speculation is already rife on what new announcements to expect. Will the recently introduced Rs 2,000 notes be demonetised? Will the limits on withdrawals from bank accounts be lifted? Will there be sops and relief measures for those who have been the worst sufferers of the demonetisation move? Or will there just be mere more rhetoric? Twitter, as always, had a good smattering of cynicism and some humour.

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