Your silence is deeply worrying: IIT alumni write to PM

Letter reminds PM that on top of rising unemployment, the country is now faced with the grave danger from rising calls for genocide of one community

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Alumni of the various Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) from across India have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, also marking President Ram Nath Kovind, drawing his attention to the “dark clouds looming over the country”. They have reminded the PM that on top of rising “unemployment and masses of people being pushed into poverty”, the country is “now faced with the grave danger from rising calls for genocide of one community.”

They quoted the the NY Times report that stated, “Even by the standards of the rising anti Muslim fury in India, the three-day conference in the city of Haridwar, 150 miles north of New  Delhi, produced the most blatant and alarming call for violence in recent years.” 

The IIT alumni urged the PM and other leaders “to condemn this act and  initiate swift, meaningful legal action on the perpetrators.” The letter also puts forth the “shameful saga behind the creation of the Sulli Deals and the Bulli Bai app”, and added that the “ages of the youngsters who have been apprehended as suspects, suggests how deep communal hatred and misogyny is in our society. Here again, we have been looking forward to you and your government  condemning this in the loudest possible voice and reaffirming the country’s faith in its Constitution.”  

The letter mentions how “independent women voices in the media have been the principal targets of  this organized abuse,” as highlighted by the Tek Fog investigations that put on record the silence of the PM on the matter saying “your condemnation of this alleged weapon is still awaited.”   

This letter also recalls similar letters to the PM and President, written by former Chiefs of Armed Forces seeking that the leaders “take serious note and suitable action to ensure that the sanctity of the electoral process is maintained and that all such calls inciting violence against one or other community, are dealt  with firmly.” Another letter by students and faculty of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) reminded the PM, “Your silence on the rising  intolerance in our country, Honorable Prime Minister, is disheartening to all of us who value the multicultural fabric of our country. Your silence, Honorable Prime Minister, emboldens the  hate-filled voices and threatens the unity and integrity of our country.” 

The IITians reminded the PM of his speech while inaugurating the National Youth Festival, that “the mantra of New India – Compete and Conquer. Get involved and win. Unite and win the battle,” and added that for this to be realized “the Constitution must be upheld” it reminded the PM that his “decisive action is keenly awaited on these alarming trends to divide India.”

The letter signed by numerous IITians from across India, belonging to  batches ranging from 1962 to those who will graduate in 2023 may be read here.



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