YouTuber who campaigned with Rajasthan CM, Pawan Sahu uses slur against Hindu voters

After the BJP lost the Lok Sabha seat in Ayodhya, YouTuber Pawan Sahu and TV Actor who played Ram on Ramayana series took to social media to reportedly abuse the Hindu voters of Ayodhya.

Pawan Sahu, a YouTuber from Rajasthan, says he could not help himself from saying these things about the people of Ayodhya. Here’s what he stated on his social media account, “Hijra’s are not those who wear sarees and go to the market, Hijras are those Hindus who oppose other Hindus. I would like to say only one thing to Ayodhya people – you are all Hijras. Despite being Hindus, you opposed Hindus. You have at least told the nation, because even then wore a salwar on the edge of a sword, as have you done today only for daal, sugar, petrol. You, two rupees Hindus, should learn from Sikhs and Muslims – how to live and protect your dharma. Hindu brothers are hurt by my statements, forgive me, I could not stop myself. If you are in agreement with me please write in the comments. Even if you don’t, Sri Ram’s name will be on top.” Sahu used the word Hijra as a slur to refer to Hindus who didn’t vote for BJP.

Sahu has more than 25 million followers on his YouTube channel which centres on fitness related content. He recently also made a reel on his channel prior to the elections, arguing that BJP will get 400 Lok Sabha seats and above this time. He is featured in photos with Bhajan Lal Sharam, Rajasthan’s current chief minister from the BJP led government when the CM was campaigning for elections.

Several social media users, including the CPIM Maharashtra’s X account have called for his arrest in the light of these derogatory statements.


In the Faizabad constituency, where Ayodhya is located at the heart of the Babri Masjid and Ram Temple dispute, Akshaya Yadav of the Samajwadi Party had gotten a victory, winning by a margin of over 89,000 votes against his opponent, Vishwadeep Singh. The BJP had built the Ram Temple and held its inauguration on January 22 this year in a ceremony that had invited scores of people, dignitaries, actors and leaders.

Another BJP supporter, Sunil Lahiri, known for his role of Lakshman in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana TV series has also talked against voters from the recent Lok Sabha election. In a video message posted on Instagram, Lahiri questioned the people of Ayodhya and their integrity, saying that the people of Ayodhya have always betrayed the kings, “We have forgotten that residents of Ayodhya had questioned the virtue of Sita after she returned from exile. Even if God himself would appear in front of them, they would reject him. Ayodhya has always betrayed its true king,” one of the posts read. I salute the greatness of Ayodhya residents. You didn’t even spare Mata Sita, so how could you not betray the ones who took Ram out of a tent and enthroned him in a grand temple? India will never view you kindly.”


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